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Best of UNICEF 2016 Research

The Endline Report on ‘ Evaluation of the Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme, Tigray Region, Ethiopia ’ of IFPRI has been awarded as one of the top 12 researches conducted globally by UNICEF. This year's Best of UNICEF Research 2016 publication …

IFPRI Outcome Stories

Contributing to Improve Crop Productivity

Crops play a critical role in global food security as a source of food and feed. Every four years, the  International Crop Science Congress  hosts a forum for crop scientists from around the world to integrate current knowledge into a global context and…


Ways to reduce hunger and malnutrition faster

Hunger and undernutrition are chronic problems in many countries, and climate change threatens to make them worse. But governments, private companies, and international organizations can make rapid progress fixing them by working closely together,…