Policy Seminar

Global food security and the WTO: The role of Mercosur countries

Feb 22, 2017 - 12:15 pm to 01:45 pm EST
IFPRI Policy Seminar



As regional trade negotiation processes falter, the WTO is returning to center stage as the main body regulating international trade.

The countries of the Mercosur trading bloc, including Argentina and Brazil, are among the world’s leading net food exporters and therefore have a key role to play in food security and sustainability.  At the WTO’s next ministerial conference in Buenos Aires in December 2017, participants will analyze the potential impact of agroindustrial trade agreements on

  • Market access
  • Tariffs and special agricultural safeguards
  • Domestic support 
  • Options for regulation 
  • Export competition.

This seminar, featured representatives from MERCOSUR countries, previewed the WTO discussions and looked at the economic impact and political feasibility of various trade solutions. Panelists also discussed their countries’ visions of the future of food security and sustainability.

IFPRI researchers provided a broader international outlook regarding these issues.

The discussion was followed by Q & A.