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IFPRI's vision is a world free of hunger and malnutrition. Its mission is to provide research-based policy solutions that sustainably reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition. Our research focuses on five strategic areas.

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Improving Agricultural Productivity, Markets, and Social Protection

The Key to Global Food and Nutrition Security Statement on the occasion of the 5th World Islamic Economic Forum, Jakarta, Indonesia The drastic rise in world food prices in 2007-2008 and the ongoing global financial crunch pushed millions of…

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New trade deal could boost Brazilian farm exports

Caps on subsidies and less distorted trade flows seen as key outcomes of a WTO agreement Geneva —With the financial crisis and economic slowdown focusing governments’ attention on the struggling negotiations at the World Trade Organization, ministers…

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Food Crisis and Health Go Hand in Hand

IFPRI Urges Greater Cooperation between Health and Agriculture Sectors Bamako, Mali —For the world’s poor people, agriculture and health are inextricably linked: agriculture affects health, and health affects agriculture. Lack of cooperation between…

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New Global Hunger Index

33 Countries Have "Alarming" or "Extremely Alarming" Levels of Hunger Washington, DC —Thirty-three countries around the world have alarming or extremely alarming levels of hunger, according to the 2008 Global Hunger Index. The Democratic Republic of…

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India Faces Urgent Hunger Situation

New Reports Compare Country's Hunger Levels across States, World New Delhi —According to the first-ever India State Hunger Index, Madhya Pradesh has the most severe level of hunger in the country, followed by Jharkhand and Bihar. Punjab and Kerala…

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Best Bets for Reducing Poverty and Hunger

Opportunities for Investment in Agricultural Research On October 10, Joachim von Braun moderated the Plenary Session “The Food Crisis: What Happened and What Should Be Done?” at the 2008 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World…

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Improving Information, Increasing Agricultural Productivity

IFPRI Receives $2.5 Million Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Support the World’s Leading Database on Agricultural Science and Technology Washington, DC —The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) today announced it…