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Managing resources for sustainable agriculture in South Asia

In the next 25 years, South Asia's food requirements are likely to double, while its natural resource base is likely to shrink. The subcontinent, which carries 21 percent of the world's population on just 3 percent of its land area, already has a high…

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The role of fertilizer in sustaining food security and protecting the environment to 2020.

In this discussion paper... [the authors]... review past trends in fertilizer use, estimate future needs, and assess technical and policy measures for dealing with environmental and energy concerns related to fertilizer use--P. v.

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The potential impact of AIDS on population and economic growth rates

This paper examines the current status of HIV/AIDS infection, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and reviews existing models that look at the future impact that the disease is likely to have on population growth, economic growth, and food security,…


Implementing the Uruguay Round

Following implementation of the Uruguay Round agreement, reductions in price support programs, mainly in developed countries, will lead to reductions in food surpluses and stocks. As the developing countries open up their markets to world price…

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Middle East water conflicts and directions for conflict resolution

In looking toward 2020, one of the most severe problems to be faced is an impending shortage of adequate supplies of fresh water essential for drinking and for growing crops. The Middle East, where a few waterways serve large areas of land belonging…


World trends in fertilizer use and projections to 2020

Fertilizers have played an important role in increased crop production, especially in cereal yields, and will continue to be a cornerstone of the science-based agriculture required to feed the expanding world population. Fertilizers replenish the…

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Remittances, income distribution, and rural asset accumulation

This paper examines the direct, first-rounds impact of two types of remittances—internal and external remittances—on income distribution and asset accumulation in rural Pakistan. Using income decomposition techniques on a three-year panel household…

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How can safety nets do more with less?

This paper reviews design features by which safety nets might do more with less. It reviews the current evidence on their success in practice–including three brief reviews of southern Africa experience–and suggests a role for future policy research in…


Rice market monitoring and policy options study

Through a survey of approximately 1300 farmers, millers and traders, this study undertook an in-depth investigation of the rice marketing system in the midst of its transition from a centrally planned to a market-based economy. Its findings suggest…