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project paper

The role of agriculture and agro-processing for development in Tunisia

This paper is part of a series of three country-case studies to investigate the potential role of agro-processing for economic development based on the strong backward and forward linkages agro-processing firms have with the agricultural sector.…


2018 Global food policy report: Synopsis [in Russian]

2017 год был отмечен ростом неопределенности на фоне неоднозначных признаков прогресса. Несмотря на то, что этот период был отмечен высокими темпами восстановления мировой экономики, распространенность голода в мире выросла в связи с продолжающимися…

discussion paper

The role of the private sector in food system resilience: Lessons from Cambodia

This paper assesses the role of the private sector by using the case study of Cambodia to learn specific lessons for increasing the resilience of food systems in the developing world. In order to develop a sustainable and lasting impact, it is…

working paper

Evolving food systems in Ethiopia: Past, present and future

Ethiopia’s food systems are rapidly evolving, being driven by major contextual changes including high population growth, rapid urbanization, infrastructure investments, and income growth. These changes are illustrated by dietary, agricultural, and…


Empowering women, enhancing nutrition, and ending poverty: IFPRI and Canada

Global changes with wide-reaching impacts include rapid urbanization, climate change, conflict-driven migration, and dietary transitions as well as uncertainty regarding trade and foreign investment. More than ever, responding to these challenges will…