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discussion paper

Empowerment, adaptation, and agricultural production evidence from Niger

Located at the heart of West Africa, Niger is a landlocked country with three-quarters of its territory covered by the Sahara Desert. Niger’s climate is mostly arid, and it is one of the least developed countries in the world. The vast majority of its…

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2017 Global food policy report: Regional developments: Central Asia [in Russian]

Тем не менее, учитывая существующие институциональные и структурные ограничения и их влияние на производительность труда и инвестиции, страны Центральной Азии останутся уязвимыми перед лицом внешних потрясений25. Еще одно падение цен на сырьевые…

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Can Tanzania feed itself by 2050?: Estimating cereal self-sufficiency to 2050

Producing adequate food to meet global demand by 2050 is widely recognized as a major challenge, particularly for Africa south of the Sahara, including Tanzania (Godfray et al. 2010; Alexandratos and Bruinsma 2012; van Ittersum et al. 2016). Increased…

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Economic accounts for agriculture and farm income in Senegal

A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system is of critical importance for evidence- and outcome-based planning and implementation in agriculture. The availability of and access to timely and reliable data to inform the M&E system is an undeniable asset.…