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Reforming water allocation policy through markets in tradable water rights

Increasing water scarcity, rising costs of irrigation subsidies, and general economic liberalization are creating strong incentives for comprehensive water reform with establishment of tradable water rights and the development of markets in these…

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Confronting the environmental consequences of the Green Revolution in Asia

Intensive double or triple monocropping of rice has caused degradation of the paddy micro environment and reductions in rice yield growth in many irrigated areas in Asia. Problems include increased pest infestation, mining of soil micronutrients,…

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Determinants of credit rationing

Previous research on the determinants of credit rationing exclusively focused on the behavior of formal lenders who contract directly with an individual borrower. Based on a household survey in Madagascar, this paper presents an analysis of credit…

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Foodgrain market integration under market reforms in Egypt

Using urban price data for the period 1976 to 1992 and rural price data for the period 1982 to 1992, the study assesses the degree of market integration for wheat, maize and rice. The study finds that i) reforms have not destabilized foodgrain prices;…