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discussion paper

Price competitiveness and variability in Egyptian cotton

This paper examines the role of price incentives in the observed decline in cotton production during the 1980s and in the apparent improvement in recent years. The following determinants (in an accounting sense) of the changes in the relative producer…

discussion paper

Measuring food insecurity

Defining and interpreting food security, and measuring it in reliable, valid and cost-effective ways, have proven to be stubborn problems facing researchers and programs intended to monitor food security risks. This paper briefly reviews the…

discussion paper

Water markets in Pakistan

Water markets provide one of the most promising institutional mechanisms for increasing access to irrigation from groundwater, particularly for tenants and small farmers. While water markets are found in all provinces of Pakistan, they are most…

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Alleviating poverty, intensifying agriculture, and effectively managing natural resources.

This discussion paper is the first in a series of papers prepared as part of IFPRI's 2020 Vision initiative, which seeks to develop an international consensus on how to meet future world food needs while reducing poverty and protecting the…

discussion paper

Sustainable agricultural development strategies in fragile lands

Current trends in demography, agricultural production and rural environment in the developing countries suggest that so-called marginal lands must play a larger and probably growing role in food supply and economic development for the foreseeable…

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The impact of technical change in agriculture on human fertility

Green Revolution technologies were developed and promoted to boost food supplies and foster development, both of which were expected to create breathing space for achieving demographic transitions in developing countries through lowered human…