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Distributional consequences of alternative food policies in India

A number of large and poor economies such as India, China, and Bangladesh are not open economies but economies where the state controls trade in food and also many nonfood items. Food policy interventions such as food aid, supply-oriented…

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Food subsidies in Egypts: Implications for the agricultural sector

Food subsidies affect various sectors of the Egyptian economy, but their influence on agriculture, which employs a considerable share of the nation's resources, seems particularly strong (von Braun and de Haen, 1983). A major objective of this…

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Food subsidies in Egypt: Benefit distribution and nutritional effects

On almost any street corner in Cairo one can buy a tamaya orfalafel sandwich for a few cents. This daily fare is a microcosm of the government's involvement in food pricing. The fava beans in the sandwich are subsidized. The oil in which they are…

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Food subsidies in the Philippines: Preliminary results

Evidence from countries like Sri Lanka and Egypt has shown that the fiscal costs of food price subsidy programs may be high, and once introduced, their termination may be politically difficult (Gavan and Sri Chandrasekera, 1979; Alderman, von Braun,…

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Explicit versus implicit food subsidies: Distribution of costs

For years economists have tried to go beyond the strictly economic "efficiency" measure of costs and benefits to resolve the problem of how to explicitly incorporate some of the noneconomic benefits and costs into their analytical framework.1 One of…

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Pakistan's ration system: Distribution of costs and benefits

Pakistan's ration system was established in 1942 to deal with shortages of basic goods caused by wartime disruption in supply. At that time, the ration shops handled wheat and sugar, tea, matches, kerosene, yarn, and cotton cloth. After partition, the…