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The Philippines energy future and low-carbon development strategies

An assessment of alternative, long-term energy supply & the potential contribution of renewable energy to diversify the Philippine energy supply-mix to meet future demands.

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Dynamics of EU food safety certification: A survival analysis of firm decisions

The article empirically examines the timing of initial decisions to adopt food safetysystems and subsequent decisions to maintain the certification. Survival models areused to evaluate firm-level decisions among seafood processors in the…

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Inconsistent diagnosis of acute malnutrition by weight-for-height and mid-upper arm circumference

"The two anthropometric indicators of acute malnutrition in children under 5 years, i.e. a Mid-Upper Arm Circumference < 125 mm (MUAC 125) or a Weight-for-Height Z-score<−2 (WHZ −2), correlate poorly. We aimed at assessing the contribution of age,…