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Gender differentials in farm productivity

Within many African households, agricultural production is simultaneously carried out on many plots controlled by different members of the household. Detailed plot-level agronomic data from Burkina Faso provides striking evidence of inefficiencies in…

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On the production economics of cattle

Two empirical regularities in the beef-cattle sector have been observed for a long time. First, the time-series for cattle stock exhibits strong cyclicity with a period of several years. Second, beef supply seesms to be negatively related to price.…

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Methods for agricultural input market reform research

The purpose of this paper is to provide a research approach and a set of different quantitative techniques for analysis of questions related to agricultural input market reforms. The broad objective of the Multi Country Project 1 (MP 1) undertaken at…

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Role of terms of trade in Indian agricultural growth

Using time series data, this paper analyses the relative contributions of terms of trade and non-price variables in explaining agricultural growth in recent decades in India. Agricultural growth is largely explained by expansion of irrigation, (which…

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Price competitiveness and variability in Egyptian cotton

This paper examines the role of price incentives in the observed decline in cotton production during the 1980s and in the apparent improvement in recent years. The following determinants (in an accounting sense) of the changes in the relative producer…

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Measuring food insecurity

Defining and interpreting food security, and measuring it in reliable, valid and cost-effective ways, have proven to be stubborn problems facing researchers and programs intended to monitor food security risks. This paper briefly reviews the…