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Welthunger-Index 2014: Herausforderung verborgener Hunger

Ein Jahr bevor die Frist zur Erreichung der Millenniums-Entwicklungsziele im Jahr 2015 abläuft, bietet der Welthunger-Index (WHI) einen facettenreichen Überblick über die Verbreitung des Hungers und trägt neue Erkenntnisse darüber in die weltweite…


Gender in agriculture

About the Book Summarizes women’s contributions to agriculture and food security and the obstacles to their broader participation Draws on data at the micro, census and national levels Challenges conventional story lines on women in agriculture The…


Atlas of African agriculture research & development

The work of agricultural researchers and development workers in Africa has the potential to significantly improve the lives of the poor. But that potential can only be realized with easy access to high-quality data and information. The  Atlas of…