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Smiling woman holds crops in flooded field
Strategic Research Area

Building Resilience

Natural disasters. Conflicts. Food price volatility. These are just some of the environmental, political, and economic shocks that can affect food security, nutrition, health and well-being. These shocks put the world’s poorest and most vulnerable…

Woman with dairy cow in Bangladesh
Strategic Research Area

Cross-Cutting Gender Theme

The six strategic research areas will weave gender into all of their research questions and in all phases of research.

Four researchers surveying degraded land in Argentina
Strategic Research Area

Ensuring Sustainable Food Production

Sustainable food production is crucial to reducing poverty in the developing world. Yet, its success is threatened...

Ship and cargo at the port of Baltimore
Strategic Research Area

Improving Markets and Trade

Economics plays a crucial role in food security. Efficient agricultural markets and trade can encourage agriculture-led economic growth

A successful woman chicken farmer in Bangladesh
Strategic Research Area

Promoting Healthy Food Systems

The challenge of “Feeding the World” not only means producing enough food and calories, but also ensuring that everyone has access...

Man plows field with ox
Strategic Research Area

Transforming Agriculture

How do we accelerate the transformation from low-income, rural, agriculture-based economies to high-income, more urbanized