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How to Steer the Road to Food Security? (

China's Sohu published an interview with IFPRI's senior research fellow in Beijing, Kevin Chen  on issues related to global food security, China's domestic food security policies, and emerging challenges. "China has proved to the world that we can…

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Restriction on migration may affect Bangladesh (The Daily Star)

Bangladesh's The Daily Star reported on the launch of the 2018 Global Food Policy Report in Dhaka. The article quoted IFPRI director general Shenggen Fan who said that rise of anti-globalization and protectionism threatens progress toward food…

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A sustainable food future? (Clarin)

Clarin published an op-ed by IFPRI's Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Program,   Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla, on the importance of Argentina’s goal for the G20 to focus on a sustainable food future. Bonilla suggests that the Argentine Presidency…