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IFPRI 2020 Conference

Forthcoming article in Food Security  - Building resilience for food and nutrition security, Addis Ababa, 15–17 of May 2014: A synthesis

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Are Kenya’s horticultural exports a replicable success story?

The authors describe the case study as follows: "Kenyan horticultural exports have grown at over 6 percent per year for the past 30 years. Since 1974 the value of Kenya’s horticultural exports has increased fourfold in constant dollar terms, reaching…

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Exploring market opportunities for African smallholders

"Wealthy countries’ agricultural subsidies have also created unfair competition. African farmers not only have limited access to rich-country agricultural markets, but they also face unfair competition in their own domestic markets from subsidized…

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Generalizing from past successes

"Past successes in African agriculture can point the way to promising avenues for achieving similar success in the future. Drawing lessons from past success requires identifying a range of successful and less successful episodes and then studying and…