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To end hunger by 2030, India desperately needs better data

It may seem like a no-brainer to say that we need data to guide efforts to end malnutrition.  Would you run an economy without a regular stream of credible data? You'd be flying blind if you did, and we know what happens if you try to do that. And yet…


How to make Chinese agriculture more resilient to extreme weather events

Climate variability is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as droughts and floods. Linked to El Niño, the recent floods in Central and Southern China are a reminder of the negative impacts of climate change—it is…


Producing bioenergy doesn’t have to conflict with food security

As the world confronts climate change, demand will increase for both bioenergy and sustainable food sources. Many assume these needs conflict. In fact, though, many synergies already exist between growing food and biomass for fuel, and good policies…