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Is Exporting Maize Really Bad? (The Nation)

Bob Baulch, senior research fellow, authored an op-ed in Malawi's biggest national paper, The Nation. The article questioned the government's latest maize export ban. Baulch argues that the ban will have detrimental effects in Malawi by denying local…

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Punjab Pol Promises Farm Loan Waiver

India’s Business Standard reported on a chief ministerial candidate in Punjab’s promise of farm debt waivers for drought-stricken Punjabi farmers, quoting IFPRI South Asia Director PK Joshi for analysis. “Given that in the last two years there has…

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Economists Say Foreign Activity Benefits US Food Sector (NPR)

In a story for NPR's All Things Considered, Joe Glauber cautioned how dire and inaccurate warnings about the perils of trade can worry U.S. farmers who benefit from access to export markets. "They get concerned when they read reports that Mexico now…

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Q&A with IFPRI Board Member Marcos Jank (Devex)

In an interview with Devex, new IFPRI board member Marcos Jank spoke about how the development community can support agricultural-product exporting countries to address the growing challenge of protectionism.