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Social Accounting Matrices for Mozambique 1994 and 1995

The 1994 and 1995 Mozambican social accounting matrices (SAMs) include an aggregate macro-SAM called MACSAM, and a disaggregated version called MOZAM. With 13 agricultural and two agricultural processing activities, the primary sectors are…


Morocco, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM), 1994

This SAM is distinguished by an explicit separation of activities and households into rural and urban. It has a detailed treatment of aspects that are linked to the rural economy. Among the 45 activities, 38 are rural and 7 urban. Most rural sectors…


A 1993-94 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Bangladesh

The 1993-94 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Bangladesh distinguishes 10 agricultural sectors-including two different kinds of rice technology-and 19 manufacturing sectors, out of 43 sectors in total. It also differentiates between twelve…


Brazil, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM), 1995-1996-- Disaggregated Version

The aggregated and disaggregated Brazil Social Accounting Matrices for 1995-96 are primarily based on the 1995 Input-Output Table and National Accounts for Brazil, as well as the 1995-96 Agricultural Census. The disaggregated SAM has a total of 119…


A 1991 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) For Zimbabwe

This dataset is a 1991 social accounting matrix (SAM) for Zimbabwe. On the basis of recently generated national accounts data, an 88 by 88 matrix was created that includes 36 activities; 27 commodities; 9 factors of production (4 labor, 3 capital, and…